Admissions + Enrollment

Admission Policy

Natural wonders services are available to all 3 to 6 year old children regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, or special need (470 IAC 3-4.1-7 (b)


Applications for enrollment are available at the school. These forms are to be completed and returned on or before your child’s first day with us. The forms are as follows:

  • Child Registration—to be fully completed by the parent.

  • Physical and Health Record– to be completed and signed by your child’s doctor.

  • Emergency Pickup form

Children with special needs are welcomed into the Natural Wonders Preschool program. Special services are provided to children based on each child’s needs and strengths. Children with special needs are provided an opportunity for early intervention, treatment and mainstreaming with other preschool children. When necessary, NCI or a child psychologist will be consulted for additional help.


Contact us for Full Time and Part Time rates. Numerous part time options are available to accommodate your time and child care needs

Contact us here or call us at 574-457-3391

We welcome childcare vouchers. (The voucher program is provided for low income parents working fulltime or going to school at least 6 credit hours and This is a program that subsidizes a substantial part of the child care cost.)

For more information on the Voucher program contact Community Action of Northern Indiana 1-888-513-4498 or 1-888-277-3460