Learning + Activities

Our children continually exceed Kindergarten standards when they go in. We align with the core standards. We individualize with each child to help them continue to learn.



Our vision for Natural Wonders Preschool is to help the children be better prepared for kindergarten and at the same time learn to respect and care for people, animals, and the community.

The children are our future and with our help they will make our community a better place to live. Natural Wonder’s vision is to be a part in helping them succeed.

We incorproate nature in our curriculum by introducing nature in our lesson plans and the classrooms. We take natre walks all four of the seasons, discussing te plants, anumals and the environment. We have a nature walk beside the property going back 1,200 feet. We create a garden in the Spring and encourage the children, families, and the community to take part in caring and harvesting the garden to take home with them.

We encourage the children to respect the diversty in others by having multicultural clothes in the dramatic play area. We have ethnic dolls in the housekeeping area, and people figurines with disabilities in the block area.

We teach the children in all areas of development so they are prepared to be succesful in kindergarten and onward to life.