Natural Wonders Preschool has a warm, caring, and experienced professional staff.  They have been chosen for their patience, sensitivity, and understanding of how young children learn.  All of our classes use a team teaching approach with two teachers in each classroom. The teachers meet weekly for age level planning sessions, which establish the curriculum throughout the month.  Weekly schedules are sent home to parents with the topics and activities for each classroom. Monthly newsletters inform parents about the academic activities in the classroom and about upcoming special events.  We want you, the parents, to be an informed part of your child’s educational experience. A weekly individualized newsletter goes home each week letting you about your child’s week at school.

Student-Teacher Ratio: At NWP there is a maximum of 20 students in each classroom with two teachers, for a ratio of 10 students per teacher.

Teacher Qualifications: Our staff’s past experience comes from teaching in the elementary schools, preschools, and from raising their own children. Each classroom has at least one teacher with a Child Development Credential (CDA) or a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. The teachers participate in local and national teaching conferences and workshops.  We also maintain at least 20 hours of Professional Development a year per teaching staff.

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