1. We offer twelve hours of childcare for three to six year olds while teaching them all areas of development.
  2. We offer a morning snack, breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. 
  3. We provide cots with blankets for an afternoon nap.
  4. We require a current immunization record and physical of all children and staff to ensure a healthy environment for all children.
  5. We provide a classroom filled with materials to encourage growth in all areas of development.
  6. We provide a safe and inviting playground where children can run, exercise and enjoy the great outdoors.
  7. We have created a 1200 foot nature walk where the teachers can take the children to explore and learn about plants and animals. (The children will help by making bird feeders, etc. for their nature walk).
  8. We provide the name and number of a psychologist, in the event we have a child with special needs who needs assistance.
  9. We provide meals through the C.A.C.F.P. program to ensure a healthy and nutritious food program, making sure all children have their daily vitamin requirements.
  10. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.
  11. We provide opportunities for involvement by the families and community to participate in our program
  12. We provide on going training to our employees to meet the needs of the ever changing children
  13. We welcome the children through the voucher program to support the needs of parents with low income or those going back to school.