Teachers & Staff


Joselyn Drake, Owner/Teacher

Joselyn Drake is married and has three girls and five grandchildren. She has been working with children for over 22 years. She started out as a nannie and of course raising her girls. Joselyn worked for several centers and Head Start before opening Natural Wonders Preschool in 2006. While working for Head Start she was given the opportunity to get her C.D.A. (Childcare Development Credential) in Preschool. In 2005 Joselyn’s husband said why don’t I build you a Center and so her dream came alive when Mike built the school in 2006. Over the course of the fall of 2005 and spring of 2006 the center was completed. If you ask her about Natural Wonders and the Children she would say it is not a job it is a calling. Joselyn is the owner and Lead Teacher in Classroom B.

Donna Searer, Drector

Donna Searer is married and has four girls and 9 soon to be  10 grandchildren. Donna has worked for Natural Wonders Preschool since the conception of Natural Wonders Preschool in the fall of 2005. Donna grew up around children with her mother having an in home daycare. Donna has always wanted to help children in some way. She has a brother who is deaf and this also inspired her to want to help children with special needs. Donna has worked at several childcare centers in Texas and then moved to Indiana in 1995. After some time in Indiana she moved back to Texas for a while and then in 2001 she moved back to Indiana and began working that fall at Head Start. This is when she started working on her CDA and received her (Childcare Development Credential) in Infant Toddler. She loved learning so much that she decided to go back to school and get her degree. She actually graduated college the same year her oldest graduated high school. She said that she wanted to show her children that it is never too old to go back to school. Donna also saw the additional need for parents with special need children that struggled at home, so she decided to go back to school to get her degree in Psychology along with her bachelors in Early Childhood. In June 2012 she completed her Bachelors in Early Childhood and 2013 in Psychology. Donna is the centers Director.

Kendra Marsh, Teacher 

Kendra Marsh has worked at Natural Wonders as an assistant in Classroom A for the last year.  She has been working on her CDA and will have it completed very soon.  She has a son who is almost 7 months old.  She is a loving and caring teacher.

Brandy Meade,Co-Teacher Classroom B

Brandy Meade is the Co-Teacher in Classroom B , She has been with Natural Wonders since January 2010.  She became a Co-Teacher in Classroom A in August of 2016.  She earned her Childcare Development Credential in 2017. Prior to becoming the co-teacher in classroom B she was a teachers assistant at Natural Wonders for six years.. 

Tori , Teacher Assistant


Miss Marr, Teachers Assistant